About Us

About Us

JJ’s originated when young sweethearts Jacob and Jess decided to take on a restaurant together in the picturesque, south coast town of Narooma, NSW. JJ’s Steakhouse had a reputable name around town for their great food and a family friendly dining experience. After years went by, unfortunately health issues got in the way and the decision was made to step out of the industry and focus on family. Jacob spent his time working for local suppliers around Batemans Bay and Jess looked after their son Malcom. Without Jess, and the ideas that flowed providing the inspirational fuel, the decision to take on another restaurant would not have happened.

For years Jacob had a dream of getting his siblings together to build a business as each had something unique to offer. Fortunately for Jacob, he was raised in a family of 9 children and the siblings had each taken to independence at quite a young age. Jacob, David and Daniel united to come up with a plan for the design tender for The New Marina Restaurant. David had a foot in the door with his business ‘Unique Carpentry Creation and Design’ helping to build the entire restaurant structure, from the design, to completion.

At this point the brothers had put in for the lease of the Moorings Restaurant in the growing Tomakin area, and were unsure about the Marina being approved, knowing there was quite a bit of competition. However much to their surprise the owners of the Marina property were so intrigued by the ideas of these young lads, that both restaurants were approved at the same time, to be set up and trading by Christmas 2015!

Joining the force came the sister, Evelyn who relocated back to Batemans bay from England so she could join the exciting new family adventure. Born and bred local Batemans Bay siblings reunited with help from all the family, Jess and Son/Nephew Malcom.

The JJ’s team endeavour to serve up some of the best local seafood and produce.

About The Marina and The Moorings

The Restaurants

JJ’s restaurants bring you captivating dining and fresh food at two stunning locations in Batemans Bay and Tomakin. Enjoy a chill out with breathtaking seascapes at The Marina or tantalising food and live music at The Moorings. These family run restaurants serve fresh, locally sourced food that is consistently delicious time and again.


The Marina

JJ’s at The Marina in Batemans Bay brings you, captivating waterfront dining and fresh seafood at its very best. Overlooking the scenic Marina, with breathtaking seascapes, makes it all the easier to chill out, absorb the atmosphere, and satisfy your belly. All situated just a short waterfront walk from town. Utilising only the freshest produce, locally sourced where possible, allows this family-run restaurant to serve up consistently delicious dishes time and time again. The perfect place for a seaside breakfast, afternoon wind down, or your next function or event.

The Marina Menu

The Moorings

JJ’s at The Moorings overlooking Tomakin Golf Course, this little find is great for a quick bite or a long relaxing meal offering, Dine In, Takeaway and even local delivery. There is a great range of tantalizing meals, from Gourmet Crocodile to some of the best Pizzas on the South Coast. Enjoy a beer or two in the Beer Garden, or on the deck. This restaurant offers a great venue for live music, showcasing some of the south coast top local talent every Sunday afternoon along with a delicious spit roast. JJs at The Moorings is a great place for locals and visitors to take advantage of, along with all our different special and themed nights, such as Steak Night and many more. Come on in and meet the crew.

The Moorings Menu

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